Workshops 2023

Being The Change: Facilitating Diversity in Kink Spaces

Presenter: AliceNFetland

There is an ongoing discussion about the lack of diversity in kink. How do we create spaces where diversity is sought after and welcome? This class is a facilitated discussion group.

Body Bags / Sleep Sacks

Presenters: Peter Heid and SallySwitch

The sensation of a body bag or sleep sack is truly unique: gentle pressure cradling every inch of the body, leaving the subject helpless and immobile. Sleep sacks allow a person to be comfortably in bondage not just for a short scene, but often for an extended period of time. No matter which side of the slash, sexual orientation, or gender you identify with, this class will teach you an often-overlooked form of bondage. (Did we mention that body bags often heighten one’s sense of touch as well?) In this class, participants will learn safety, proper use, and some lucky attendees will have the chance to get into one. Participants will also leave with resources on where to buy these items and plenty of ideas for what to do once someone

Communication and Body Awareness in Suspension

Presenter: Quinn Lennox

Suspension requires a lot of teamwork, and classes often are pattern based or transition based. When Quinn was learning suspension, they really wanted classes that covered body management in the air. In this class Quinn will assist suspension pairs in increasing communication while in the air. Tops will learn ways to talk their bottoms through managing positions in a way that is more manageable and Quinn will work with bottoms to increase body awareness and management.

Knowledge requirements: This class is an intermediate level suspension class. Tops must have a working knowledge of managing up-lines, suspension safe harnesses, and experience with transitions. Bottoms must have experience in suspension.

Materials: whatever you like to use for suspension (rope, carabiners, ring, etc), comfy clothes recommended.

Connection and Flow in Rope

Presenter: Quinn Lennox

People learn rope for a number of different reasons, but ultimately it all comes down to seeking some sort of connection. Connection and flow takes your rope to the next level, no matter where you are at in your rope journey. This hands on class is accessible to anyone who does rope.

Quinn will discuss and demonstrate ways to increase your connection as you tie, using flow/rope handling techniques and connection exercises.

This class will be lecture, demo, and hands on. It is recommended to attend as a pair, or be willing to pair up with someone in the class/or audit.

Pre reqs/skill level: all levels, must know a single column tie
Supplies: 2-3 hanks of rope, cutting tool
Accessibility: the skills in the class are adaptable to most levels of ability, the instructor will do their best to accommodate and adjust skills taught as needed.

D/s for Lazy Fuckers (AKA Pragmatic Power Exchange)

Presenters: _Syn and SeldomSeenWay – House Symmetry

So, you’ve got a basic grasp of what D/s and Authority transfer is, HOWEVER: Does Authority Transfer always -sound- like a lot of work? Unsure of your ability to “live up” to a 24/7 dynamic? Whenever you hear others discuss their dynamic, do you feel you’re doing it wrong? Do you need some validation that you’re not doing it wrong? If so, you’re NOT alone and we HAVE the class for you! Take part in a guided discussion of how to incorporate foundational concepts and guidelines to create your own approach, address your circumstances and needs, and how you can BOTH serve your relationship in a positive way…All the while being surrounded by other “lazy fuckers” like you!

DO Talk to Strangers – Art of Pick Up Play

Presenters: Cat Maverick and Dixie_Licious

It can be hard to strike up a conversation with a stranger, never mind ask them to do some fun kinky shit with you. In this class, CatMaverick and Dixie_Licious will offer some tips and techniques that they hope will lead you away from “Stranger Danger” to “Hello Sweetie”. We’ll talk negotiation, scene planning for success, what to do if it goes wrong and aftercare when it’s with play partners of the moment rather than a lifetime.

Dollar Store Kink: Kink on a Budget

Presenters: Cat Maverick and Dixie_Licious

In this economy it can be a real challenge to fill out your toy bag – don’t let that get you down! Join CatMaverick and Dixie_Licious for a fun filled class as they go for a joyride at the dollar store helping you unleash your imagination to create thrifty chaos in the dungeon. Whether you’re new to kink or an experienced veteran, Cat and Dixie have just one question: “Do you wanna play a game?”

Electrical Play on a Budget

Presenter: Viking

Terrifying, right? Learn how to keep your partner on their toes and have fun without having to invest in overly expensive equipment. This class will open your mind to the endless possibilities using electricity, cover the basics of electrical play, safety, show you different ways to use it creatively on a variety of body parts, including the genitals.

Ethical Non-Monogamy; Swingers and Hotwives and Life Partners, oh my!

Presenter: DawnMegaTron

In this class we will discuss as much about the wonderful world of ethical non-monogamy as we can squeeze into our time block. What even is non-monogamy? Where do ethics factor in? What are some of the relationship styles we see in ENM?

We will cover the cornerstones of successful relationships including how to have hard conversations, how and why we should prioritize our mental health, and some tips on logistics when juggling multiple relationships.

Handouts will be provided, and questions are encouraged!

How to Hold Space for Yourself

Presenter: SeldomSeenWay

Almost everyone would say they support their friends and family well, but why do we struggle to support ourselves? What exactly does it mean to “hold space” for yourself? Doing things for others comes naturally to us, but what does it mean to do them for ourselves? Throughout the day, we spend most of our time with ourselves, but how much of it is good, supportive, and kind? You can make the greatest impact on others if you learn to hold space for yourself, to love and befriend yourself. How do we create space for ourselves? Let’s spend some time sharing and learning ways you can hold space for your most important ally – yourself.

Intro to Self Tie

Presenter: Fox

In this class we will explore the various aspects of self-tie and self-suspensions and what makes them different than partnered tying. We will discuss what appeals to people about self-tie, the various benefits of self-tie, for both rope tops and rope bottoms. We will talk about the specific considerations that self-tie and self-suspension have that partnered tying may not. We will also discuss ways to get started and if time permits we will practice a couple of fairly straightforward self-tie harnesses and learn some tricks to make them easier to tie!

Modifying Ties

Presenter: Fox

This class focuses on ways we can alter rope ties to cater to those of us who deal with sensory challenges, nerve vulnerabilities, flexibility challenges, different body shapes and size, and more. If you’ve ever saw a rope picture and thought “I wanna do that! But….” This class may be for you! Everything discussed in this class is specifically self-tie friendly and suspension safe, not just modifications for floor ties. Participants are not suspending in this class but we will discuss how to modify ties in ways that still make them safe for suspensions. The goal is to get us thinking about ways to make rope work for us, instead of against us!

My Second Skin: Spandex as a Kink Tool and Fetish

Presenter: MokADragon

In the words of Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor, this session is about “Spandex! All Spandex!” However, did you know spandex is more than just skin tight outfits worn by Olympic athletes, superhero cosplayers, and some sports superfans? Discover with MokADragon the varieties of spandex materials and outfits that exist, and how they can be beyond simply articles of clothing and more as tools for or avenues to the worlds of kink and fetish.

Needle Fuckery: Beyond the Poke

Presenter: Derek

Play piercing is an extremely versatile type of play. A needle scene can be a sadistic punishment, or a way to relax and meditate. Whether you’re new to piercing or a seasoned practitioner, this class will be sure to ignite a love of needles in you.

Self-Mastery for Both sides of the Slash

Presenters: Sir Tee and little kitsune

This class explores the concept of self-mastery as a lifestyle philosophy – relevant and beneficial to both sides of the slash. We will examine the concept of Self Mastery as an approach, way of being, and practice and how it can help us navigate life and individual and dynamic roadblocks in order to support our personal growth, our well-being, and bring the best of ourselves into a dynamic.

Solstice of the Heart: Solstice of the Heart – Apologies, Forgiveness, and Self-Forgiveness

Presenters: Sir Tee and little kitsune

This class will explore apologies, forgiveness, and self-forgiveness within a power exchange dynamic. Regardless of which the side of the slash one is on, addressing hurt and harm within the dynamic can help maintain, heal, and rebuild trust and confidence with ourselves, our person(s) and the dynamic. We will explore how an apology can take place in a dynamic, the elements an effective apology, strategies for creating effective communication protocols to support the giving and receiving of an apology, and the function and value of forgiveness, including self-forgiveness in supporting the dynamic.

Taboo Kinks moderated discussion

Presenters: Peter Heid and SallySwitch

There is a saying that some things are better left to fantasy, but is that really true? And if it’s not, how would one even approach that topic? In this moderated discussion attendees will be able to anonymously provide input on what they consider or fantasize about, and they or others might consider to be a taboo. Things forbidden or shameful can mean many different things depending on background, upbringing, exposure, regionality and religion association. You won’t find a step-by-step guide, but you might walk away with a better understanding of what others consider to be taboo and practical tips on how you might be able to engage or understand others with similar interests.

The Joy of Survival Skills

Presenter: Axis

You might think that this is the workshop where I take my years of knowledge and teach you some simple self-defence techniques and safety strategies that are proven to work in high pressure dangerous situations. Well ok, this is exactly that workshop, so good thinking, you nailed it! This is our opportunity to get moving and discover some incredible tactics that your body already knows. Here’s something you probably wouldn’t expect an instructor to say, “I’m not going to teach you anything that you don’t already know.” That however is the beauty of this workshop and why it is so effective. We will be exploring simple self-defence techniques and movements that your body does every day. Once we play around with some of these concepts, we then discover how to utilize this new body confidence and knowledge in the dungeon and playrooms.

To The Bootstand & Beyond! (Bootblacking 201)

Presenters: Creature and PocketQueer

Take your bootblacking skills to the next level with Bootblacking 201! This class is perfect for those who have completed a Bootblacking 101 class and are ready to learn more. In this class, you’ll dive deep into several important technical aspects of bootblacking and learn how to use a variety of tools and products to personalize your skill set and enhance how you care for leather and boots. Threads fraying? Laces dull? Scuffs making your boots look sad? Creature will be sharing some tips and tricks for reinvigorating boots so that they can continue to tell stories and live to create many more!

Led by Creature, a highly skilled and experienced bootblack, this class will teach you new skills and help you refine your existing ones. Creature is the current Western Canadian Bootblack 2023 title holder and has been bootblacking for 7 years. They are passionate about all things boots and have a wealth of knowledge to share. Join Creature and fellow bootblacks for an engaging and informative class that will take your bootblacking skills to the next level!

Workshop Skill Level: Intermediate (Has attended a leather care or Bootblacking 101 class/has basic knowledge & experience)