Workshops 2023

More coming soon!

D/s for Lazy Fuckers (AKA Pragmatic Power Exchange)

Presenters: _Syn and SeldomSeenWay – House Symmetry

So, you’ve got a basic grasp of what D/s and Authority transfer is, HOWEVER: Does Authority Transfer always -sound- like a lot of work? Unsure of your ability to “live up” to a 24/7 dynamic? Whenever you hear others discuss their dynamic, do you feel you’re doing it wrong? Do you need some validation that you’re not doing it wrong? If so, you’re NOT alone and we HAVE the class for you! Take part in a guided discussion of how to incorporate foundational concepts and guidelines to create your own approach, address your circumstances and needs, and how you can BOTH serve your relationship in a positive way…All the while being surrounded by other “lazy fuckers” like you!

Electrical Play on a Budget

Presenter: Viking

Terrifying, right? Learn how to keep your partner on their toes and have fun without having to invest in overly expensive equipment. This class will open your mind to the endless possibilities using electricity, cover the basics of electrical play, safety, show you different ways to use it creatively on a variety of body parts, including the genitals.

Intro to Self Tie

Presenter: Fox

In this class we will explore the various aspects of self-tie and self-suspensions and what makes them different than partnered tying. We will discuss what appeals to people about self-tie, the various benefits of self-tie, for both rope tops and rope bottoms. We will talk about the specific considerations that self-tie and self-suspension have that partnered tying may not. We will also discuss ways to get started and if time permits we will practice a couple of fairly straightforward self-tie harnesses and learn some tricks to make them easier to tie!

My Second Skin: Spandex as a Kink Tool and Fetish

Presenter: MokADragon

In the words of Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor, this session is about “Spandex! All Spandex!” However, did you know spandex is more than just skin tight outfits worn by Olympic athletes, superhero cosplayers, and some sports superfans? Discover with MokADragon the varieties of spandex materials and outfits that exist, and how they can be beyond simply articles of clothing and more as tools for or avenues to the worlds of kink and fetish.

Self-Mastery for Both sides of the Slash

Presenters: Sir Tee and little kitsune

This class explores the concept of self-mastery as a lifestyle philosophy – relevant and beneficial to both sides of the slash. We will examine the concept of Self Mastery as an approach, way of being, and practice and how it can help us navigate life and individual and dynamic roadblocks in order to support our personal growth, our well-being, and bring the best of ourselves into a dynamic.

Solstice of the Heart: Solstice of the Heart – Apologies, Forgiveness, and Self-Forgiveness

Presenters: Sir Tee and little kitsune

This class will explore apologies, forgiveness, and self-forgiveness within a power exchange dynamic. Regardless of which the side of the slash one is on, addressing hurt and harm within the dynamic can help maintain, heal, and rebuild trust and confidence with ourselves, our person(s) and the dynamic. We will explore how an apology can take place in a dynamic, the elements an effective apology, strategies for creating effective communication protocols to support the giving and receiving of an apology, and the function and value of forgiveness, including self-forgiveness in supporting the dynamic.