Workshops 2022

A Brief Introduction to Public BDSM and Dungeon Parties

Presenters: prairie_locked and Lidaria

New to kink or want a refresher? Given the pandemic, many people have been on hiatus from community kink events or are brand new to attending public events.  This workshop is designed to help reorient us to community BDSM adventures. We will discuss social norms, some common terms, consent, negotiation, anatomy of a scene, and a few other related topics.

Breaking Down Interrogation Scenes – smg Style

Presenter: smg

Interrogation scenes can involve many aspects of fantasy and role play including things like abduction/kidnapping, torture, edge play, mind fucks, isolation and some pretty hardcore S&M.

However, interrogations are not for everyone, even if they say they really really want it. Sometimes the fantasy and excitement can override common sense and more importantly, what your bottom is actually capable of handling. How can you assess the reality of what you both want to do and each other’s capacity for actually pulling it off?

I’ve learned that you can’t just jump in if you want to do a prolonged interrogation scene (2-3 hours or longer) if neither of you have ever done anything as intense before. It’s led to disappointment for me and my partners when we didn’t realize the kind of endurance required (for both of us).

However, if you take your ideal scenario and break it down into bite size pieces, you can prepare for a full scene that can be rewarding for you both. It takes planning, practice, and testing – not only your bottom’s limits and abilities to withstand the elements of an interrogation scene but also what is doable for them (and for you!)

In this workshop, we’ll focus on the 3 main elements of my style of interrogations: mindfucks/role play, bondage/sensory deprivation, and torture/S&M play. Using these 3 elements, we’ll build mini tester scenes in anticipation of an intense, full on interrogation scene.

Foot Play, Foot Worship & Trampling – smg Style

Presenter: smg

I often get asked how I plan a foot play scene because people seem to run out of ideas on what to do with feet. If they’ve turned to porn for inspiration, they usually find it limiting, unappealing, or simply boring. As a result, a bunch of people who may have been open to foot play, see what’s on offer and turn away from the idea altogether.

Foot play can be sensual, sexual and/or anything in between. Through trial and error and with the help of some very willing bottoms, I have incorporated elements of S&M, bondage, and breath play into my foot play scenes. What I’ve learned is that you’re only limited by your imagination and the capacity of the human body!

This workshop is great for anyone who is interested in foot play, foot worship, and trampling: from exploring some of the things you may like, safety and safe practices, as well as how to plan an entire scene around feet for a mutually enjoyable experience.

It can also be used as a great primer for foot fetishists who keep getting turned down for being ‘too creepy’ or over eager. If you want to get a little time with someone special’s feet, you need to know how to approach, how to compromise, and how to negotiate, so that foot play may become an option rather than an automatic ‘no’ for potential play partners.

From Practice to Play

Presenters: ropegasm with NaughtySocks and Rory

So, you’ve learned some patterns, you know all about consent and negotiation, but what happens now? How do we start playing with the patterns we know, on a person? How do we build it into a scene? But also how do we keep practicing in such a way that the people we practice with are still getting all a-flutter at the idea? These questions (and more!) will be answered as the ropegasm babes lead you through a series of exercises that are fun and skill building. 

Materials Needed: Minimum of 2 lengths of 30 foot rope, safety cutter. You’re always welcome to have pen and paper for notetaking. We will have some rope and cutters to share.

Intro to Needle Play

Presenter: Maygen

Have you ever wanted to take a stab at needle play? Here’s your chance! This workshop will go over blood borne pathogens, cross contamination, safety and risk assessment and risk reduction, basic how to techniques, and where to get needed supplies. This class is great for top or bottom minded folks, as the information regarding health, safety and risks is just as important for both sides to understand.

There will be a hands on portion where you can practice your new knowledge under supervision. A partner to practice on is nice but not required. Also, if you’d prefer having hands on experience of being pierced rather than doing the piercing, we can accommodate that.

Journaling for Power Exchange

Presenter: alfresco_kitten

Combining creativity and emotional release with visual and tangible results, journaling in many forms has found a home in a lot of our lives. In this workshop, kitten will go through some of the basics of why they journal, journaling types and how to choose which is right for you and some very specific ways they use journaling within their Power Exchange relationship and to support their mental health. Also see inside of their bullet journal for some real talk on expectations, overcoming perfectionism and using journaling in long distance play. Whether you are slightly interested, a beginner or are a longtime journaler, this class will give tons of examples and ideas as well as the kinky twist you just don’t see on most journaling Pinterest boards. 

Less is More – Impact and Sensory Play for Those Who Aren’t Masochists

Presenter: GentlemanDomAB

Many in the BDSM universe, especially those in the Bondage and Domination and D/s side of the spectrum are not particularly into pain and endorphin play.  So how do you engage in the mental and physical elements of play with someone who is a non-masochist (an NM)

This workshop will focus on the ways you can engage in sensory stimulation and impact play for those who are not “into” pain.  Conversely it can teach you how to torture a true masochist by NOT delivering the pain that would otherwise transport them into their special space.

We will explore the mental and psychological elements of play with NM’s including:

– communications and negotiations between potential play partners

– mental and physical preparations for play

– the toys, tools, devices used in play with NM’s

– strategies to deploy in planning for play

– safety and security for NM’s and those who play with them

Ultimately you will witness a scene between a Dominant and an NM partner.

**Bring your questions and your favourite NM toys and tools to share with others.

Making the Chair Sexy

Presenter: Jess

So, you’ve learned the basics of bootblacking. Maybe shined a pair of boots or two… Now what? How do you take the skills you’ve learned and turn them into the hot scenes you’ve admired when watching others work the stand? How do you take skills you’ve learned on boots and transition them to other garments? In this class we will go over some ideas on how to make bootblacking sexy. We will cover concepts such boot worship, boot ‘sex’, impact and D/s all tied up with a pretty leather bow. Ever want to black someone’s pants, with your mouth, while they were wearing them? Safety and anatomy of the body and boots will also be covered. Bring some boots, bring a partner and get ready to get sexy! 

Risky Business

Presenters: Jess & Maygen

How do you do risky shit and (probably) not die? Most of this thing that we do involves risk of varying degree. How is it determined what risks are possible, which ones are worth it and how they can be prevented? What happens when the risks are unknown, but you’re determined to ‘science’ your way through it anyway. In this class, the concepts of risk profiles, risk mitigation and what to do when mitigation can only go so far, and risk becomes reality. We’ll share from our own experiences times when things went sideways, so if not for anything else, come hear about various shenanigans and how ‘science’ has gotten us into some sticky situations!

Rope 101

Presenters: ropegasm with NaughtySocks and Rory

If you’re interested in … learning the ropes … this is the class for you! This is a hands-on introduction that covers safety, negotiation, equipment, and some discussion on why it is we might want to get knotty with someone!

The hands-on portion can be performed either on yourself or a partner. Our goal is that you will walk away with something you can put into practice immediately!

Materials Needed: Ultimately, all you need to do is show up. If you want to be a keener, bring some rope (any kind will do and we will have some to share), some safety cutters, and a pen and paper.

Torture Ties

Presenters: ropegasm with NaughtySocks and Rory

So, torture rope.

We will be modeling consent and negotiation for these ties, do some specific stretches, look at how different materials can impact the ties, and then generally fuck up different parts of the body.

This class will look at

  • Calf ties (Guatemalan and Gladiator) 
  • Laddering hishi tie
  • Use of chopsticks and bottle caps
  • A Hojojitsu tie (If time permits) 

Materials Needed: Minimum of 2 lengths of 30-foot rope, safety cutter. You’re always welcome to have a pen and paper for notetaking. We will have some rope and cutters to share.

“You’re owned but still date?!” Power Exchange and Polyamory without Contradictions

Presenter: alfresco_kitten

Frequently in Power Exchange relationships, once owned, an s-type agrees to be exclusive to their D-type or a protocol is created where, while current relationships may be allowed, there are limits on play, Power Exchange, or other things. In this workshop kitten will be discussing how they and their Keeper of 5 years maintain the inequality of their Power Exchange relationship without exclusivity. This workshop covers protocols, communication, safety and working through some of the more complicated feelings that can be involved. As an intermediate workshop, a basic knowledge of both polyamory and Power Exchange in some form will be assets to understanding.

Taste of Kink

Do you have a kink of interest that you have yet to observe before deciding to try yourself?

Want to know what a violet wand feels like?

Or to feel the falls of the flogger on your back? 

Maybe curious about the kiss of a whip or the bite of a needle?

Come observe, gain some knowledge, and experience a “taste” of kink activities (by signing a waiver). There will be opportunities to experience a sample version of the kink activities (if attendee formally negotiated and agreed to do so) with experienced members of the community.  Some stations may include flogging, spanking, bootblacking, hot wax play, impact play, rope, needle play and violet wand play, all in the context of negotiation, rehearsing their safe words, a brief experience of the activity, and aftercare area with volunteer supporters.

Volunteer monitors and supporters will be present at event as safeguards to observe the activities, answer additional questions, and support attendees who might become uncomfortable with any feelings that were provoked by the sessions.

Please plan on wearing comfortable clothes that will afford you some exposed skin for trying various sensations. Denim is often quite thick and changes the sensations a lot for impact such as spanking or paddles. 

As you may be up close and personal with several people, you may be required to wear a mask as an additional protective measure to be able to all enjoy the equal opportunity to taste some kinky curiosities. Reminder no scented products. Bringing a reusable water bottle is recommended.

Social and Skill Share

We wanted to leave a little space at the end to solidify connections you may have made over this years mini-con, to share skills and tips you may have picked up, to have some camaraderie before you hit the road again.  Hang around for some social time or practice skills together (not actual scenes please) you picked up this weekend. Ask a friend to help you really nail that somerville bowline, see if you can help someone smooth out their flogger throws, or just share your favourite workshops together.

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