Workshops 2020

Bootblack Basics

Presenter: Jess

You ever watch a bootblack work the stand and been intrigued by what you saw? Maybe a bit turned on? Do you or people you care about have leather that needs some love and attention? Do you desire to be the one giving their leather that love and attention? In this class Jess will go over a basic bootblack kit, what is needed and what are the ‘nice to haves’ as well as the basics of how to care for leather. You will leave this class with the knowledge to care for all of your and others beloved leathers. There will be time for a hands on portion so bring your kits, leathers and be ready to get down and dirty!

Breaking Down Interrogation Scenes – smg Style

Presenter: smg99

Interrogation scenes can involve many aspects of fantasy and role play including things like abduction/kidnapping, torture, edge play, mind fucks, isolation and some pretty hardcore S&M.

However, interrogations are not for everyone, even if they say they really really want it. Sometimes the fantasy and excitement can override common sense and more importantly, what your bottom is actually capable of handling. How can you assess the reality of what you both want to do and each other’s capacity for actually pulling it off? I’ve learned that you can’t just jump in if you want to do a prolonged interrogation scene (2-3 hours or longer) if neither of you have ever done anything as intense before. It’s led to disappointment for me and my partners when we didn’t realize the kind of endurance required (for both of us).

However, if you take your ideal scenario and break it down into bite size pieces, you can prepare for a full scene that can be rewarding for you both. It takes planning, practice, and testing – not only your bottom’s limits and abilities to withstand the elements of an interrogation scene but also what is doable for them (and for you!)

In this workshop, we’ll focus on the 3 main elements of my style of interrogations: mindfucks/role play, bondage/sensory deprivation, and torture/S&M play. Using these 3 elements, we’ll build mini tester scenes in anticipation of an intense, full on interrogation scene.

Foot Play, Foot Worship & Trampling

Presenter: smg99

I often get asked how I plan a foot play scene because people seem to run out of ideas on what to do with feet. If they’ve turned to porn for inspiration, they usually find it limiting or isn’t appealing. As a result, a bunch of people who may have been open to foot play, see what’s on offer and turn away from the idea altogether.

Foot play can be sensual, sexual and/or anything in between. Through trial and error and with the help of some very willing bottoms, I have incorporated elements of S&M, bondage, and breath play into my foot play scenes. What I’ve learned is that you’re only limited by your imagination and the capacity of the human body!

This workshop is great for anyone who is interested in foot play, foot worship, and trampling: from exploring some of the things you may like, safety and safe practices, as well as how to plan an entire scene around feet for a mutually enjoyable experience.

It can also be used as a great primer for foot fetishists who keep getting turned down for being ‘too creepy’ or over eager. If you want to get a little time with someone special’s feet, you need to know how to approach, how to compromise, and how to negotiate, so that foot play becomes more appealing for potential play partners.

Making the Chair Sexy

Presenter: Jess

So you’ve learned the basics of bootblacking. Maybe shined a pair of boots or two… Now what? How do you take the skills you’ve learned and turn them into the hot scenes you’ve admired when watching others work the stand? How do you take skills you’ve learned on boots and transition them to other garments? In this class we will go over some ideas on how to make bootblacking sexy. We will cover concepts such boot worship, boot ‘sex’, impact and D/s all tied up with a pretty leather bow. Ever want to black someones pants, with your mouth, while they were wearing them? Safety and anatomy of the body and boots will also be covered. Bring some boots, bring a partner and get ready to get sexy!

Risky Business

Presenter: Jess & Maygen

How do you do risky shit and (probably) not die? Most of this thing that we do involves risk of varying degree. How is it determined what risks are possible, which ones are worth it and how they can be prevented? What happens when the risks are unknown, but you’re determined to ‘science’ your way through it anyway. In this class, the concepts of risk profiles, risk mitigation and what to do when mitigation can only go so far and risk becomes reality. We’ll share from our own experiences times when things went sideways, so if not for anything else, come hear about various shenanigans and how ‘science’ has gotten us into some sticky situations!

Self-care: Connect with Yourself

Presenter: SeldomSeenWay

Let’s admit it – when things get busy and we are juggling many balls in the air, usually the first thing to go is taking care of ourselves. “Self-care” just seems like one MORE thing on our plate. We make promises to ourselves that when things “slow down” we will get back to the gym and start eating healthy again as examples. And then another ball gets thrown in the air and those promises are pushed back yet another month. To be able to care for the people you love, you must first take care of yourself. Taking care of yourself is a valid goal on its own, and it helps you support the people you love. This is for everyone (both sides of the slash, all gender identifiers) on the importance of Self-care, how to recognize when you need it, and how to make time for yourself, even if it is just for 5 minutes of your day.

Many more coming soon!

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