Workshops 2019

Bottom’s Bill of Rights aka How to Lose Control Without Losing Yourself

Presenter: Snook

Experiencing BDSM from the bottom side can be a powerful and rewarding experience. It’s easy to get caught up in submission and give yourself over to another’s will. Hell, it’s what many of us crave and seek out. But there are some minefields and booby-traps on this path to watch out for in the pursuit of a healthy power dynamic. There can sometimes be a dark side to being under someone’s boot that many people don’t talk about openly. How do you give up all your control without losing yourself? How do you remain strongly your own person while giving yourself to someone else and making their needs paramount to yours? In this class geared specifically for bottoms, submissives, and slaves, we will talk about some of the more common pitfalls, how to avoid them, and coping strategies for when things don’t end kinkily ever after. I hope to create a space where people feel comfortable to share their experiences, challenges, and what they have learned from this side of the kinky coin.

Cock and Ball Torture

Presenter: Ms Blaze

As a Pro Domme, Sara’s specialty is cock and ball torture. Give her a boot lace and a handful of clips and her bottom is in for a world of hurt. Sara will cover basic safety and health concerns and then dive into skills that will be sure to get your bottom’s attention!

A “not for the faint of heart” powerpoint presentation will give devious minds all kinds of naughty ideas and will also demonstrate how these skills can be modified for use on transmen.

Divine Humiliation: Blessed Be Thy Sins

Presenters: Lady Umbra and her slave

Spend your Sunday afternoon in church with Lady Umbra and her slave, prairie_locked as their love of humiliation reaches biblical proportions in this workshop created specially for Pandemonium in the Prairies. Be warned. These two are no angels. They will lead you through the nine gates of hell with their sacrilegious take on humiliation play as they cover planning, negotiating, and providing aftercare for extreme humiliation scenes, before illustrating many of the blasphemous ways they incorporate humiliation play into their power exchange. You might just leave this workshop saying “Oh My God, I can’t believe they did that!”

Trigger Warning: this is an edge play workshop and contains content, including overtly religious symbolism, that can offend and trigger participants (sometimes in unexpected ways).

Flying Low: Suspending Close to the Ground

Presenters: Kasia and Sloane

Suspensions are often the most flashy aspects of rope bondage – featuring a person flying high in the air – so why would we keep things low to the ground? Low to the ground suspensions have a wonderful “so close yet so far” quality that may look deceptively easy while still providing all the strain of a higher-up suspension. This demo and hands-on class will introduce low to the ground suspensions and the physical and mental experiences they can create for both top and bottom. We will discuss and demonstrate mechanical considerations, lock-offs, hardpoints, and body handling. In this class we will also demonstrate how to quickly transition these low suspensions to partial suspensions to play with space and tension and to easily shift strain during a scene.

*The techniques in this class are designed for natural fibre ropes

Prep: Participants should have a suspension-worthy upper-body harness and have experience and current working knowledge of upline management and suspension mechanics. It is recommended that bottoms have experience with suspensions and understand the difference between circulation loss and nerve impingement. Auditors of all levels are welcome to observe.

Recommend Bringing: enough rope for an upper body harness plus 4-5 lengths of rope. 2-3 carabiners are optional.

I Want It That Way: Building Protocols to Enhance Your Dynamic

Presenters: Master David and slave brynn

Protocols are a fundamental of any power exchange dynamic, but what exactly is a protocol and how do I create one that works for my dynamic?

Join Master David and slave brynn as they tackle the ins and outs of protocol creation, what to do when a protocol doesn’t work the way you wanted, and how to infuse your protocols into your every day life.

This class will be interactive, so bring your ideas, opinions, and questions. The presenters will share their stores, and would love to hear yours as well!

Interactive Whip Skill-share

Facilitator: Dragon Breath

Snap, Crackle, and Pop! Curious where that sound came from? Or is it already a sound that gets you excited?? Dragon Breath, locally known as Dragon, will be sharing her enthusiasm of whip along with fellow enthusiasts for a skill-share all about whips.

We will explore together, what you want to learn, where you want to go as to skill development, the benefits of using a whip, and solutions to some of the challenges you may have encountered. Then we will have some practice time.

For those that are new or newer to whips, it is suggested practicing on hanging balloons, pom poms and pillow cases that will be available as targets, rather than people. Practice bottoms are not required for this event.

If you are hoping to practice and do not own a whip, there is may be an extra whip or two that can be borrowed. It is highly encouraged to bring one if you can. 

Jealousy? Jealous-me?

Presenter: fiktion

In the kink world, we are known for being good at negotiating our diverse desires and boundaries to develop scenes and power dynamics that work best for everyone. But just as a scene can still go sideways no matter how much you prepare in advance, the same goes for other aspects of our relationships.

What is jealousy, really? Am I bad at polyamory/relationship anarchy/being monogamish etc. if I get hit with “Green-Eyed Monster” attacks once in a while? Is there anything my partner(s) and I can do to minimize heartache and confusion when one or more of us succumbs to these difficult feelings?

Blending research, personal experience and interactive activities, we will explore these questions and more, aiming to leave with a few more practical tools and a lot of compassion for ourselves and others. Although fiktion will be presenting mostly from a polyamorous perspective, participants from all types of ethical relationship configurations are welcome. Same goes for levels of experience with any of these topics.

The Mad Doctor Is In! – Medical Play with Snook

Presenter: Snook

Many people are afraid of the doctor’s office and avoid it at all costs. Snook just sees it as a place to get great ideas!

When people think of the term medical play, they usually get a certain picture in their mind of a naughty nurse or a doctor telling you that this might hurt a little…. But let’s look a bit closer. Medical play is actually a large umbrella term which quite a variety of play falls under. Even some of the play regularly done in the dungeon either has its roots in medical play or could be adapted for it. It can sometimes be just a matter of approach and intent.

This medical play workshop will take a look at the many different types of medical play you can explore, as well as the why. We’ll talk about some of the issues that every dungeon doctor should think about when doing medical play. We’ll also discuss ideas for the tools and props you can use, roles and scenarios you can play out, and terrible things you can do to people all in the name of medicine! I’m sure we can even convince a patient or two to hop up onto the medical table…

Come closer. Step into my office. Really, it’s for your own good….

Mental Illness on Both Sides of the Slash

Presenters: alfresco_kitten and Story_Keeper

Living with mental illness can be difficult, and can definitely impact your experience within BDSM just like it impacts most aspects of one’s life. No matter what side of the slash you find yourself on, it is possible to work through and manage mental illness and have positive kink experiences and relationships through it all. This workshop will be presented from both of our personal experiences of being involved in kink as people with mental illness, and will include some of our learning journey as well as strategies we’ve learned and ways we’ve built protocols and common practices to balance mental illness and our kink journeys including 24/7 and power exchange.

While we both live with mental illness, we are not mental health professionals and all information and opinions are from a lay perspective.

Play time with Miss and little

Facilitators: Sunshiny_Miss and little_conundrum

Please join Saskatoon’s Sunshiny_Miss and her little conundrum in the playground on Saturday afternoon! Bounce in the castle, swing on the pony and make new connections in a fun environment!!! Sunshiny Miss, her little conundrum and their entourage will facilitate a space that is open to all those who fall somewhere under the ageplay, pet play, DD/lg umbrella. We’re also welcoming of those who are supporters or just curious about ageplay, DDlg, littlespace/middles and pet play! This playground is a place for everyone to express themselves, learn, share their ideas, thoughts, dreams and do all the things while supporting each other and raising awareness of little/pet play to the community. We allow regular clothes, as well as onesies, dresses, baby clothes, pet masks, harnesses and leashes, whatever makes you most comfortable! Your front and backside must be fully covered at all times. No showing of breasts, genitalia, or full nudity will be permitted. Rules and attire in the Dungeon may be different and will be posted separately. Come with an open mind, thoughtful – open ended questions, a light heart and have some fun with us.

Reverse Bootblacking: Just Try To Get Out Of MY Chair!

Presenters: Lady Umbra and her slave

The presenters, Lady Umbra and prairie_locked, are both bootblacks. However, prairie_locked is Lady Umbra’s slave, and she has given him the task of always making sure that her boots are gleaming. This makes Lady Umbra and her slave happy, but it presented a dilemma for Lady Umbra when trying to come up with ideas for boot play scenes. Although she is a bootblack, how could she possibly Top a boot scene with her slave while polishing her slave’s boots? Both her and her slave need to have shiny boots (that’s the equity), but Lady Umbra is the Master and a Sadist. So Lady Umbra found some ways of maintaining the inequality in their relationship while polishing her slave’s boots and still Topping the scene. If this seems like a contradiction to you, then check out this workshop! It begins with a brief “Bootblacking 101” illustrating basic techniques. Lady Umbra and her slave will then discuss and demonstrate a number of ways for the Top to actually perform the bootblacking during a boot play scene.

Rope Bondage for Pain and Predicament

Presenters: Kasia and Sloane

When looking to create a sensory-rich experience, how can you use rope to add intensity and torment to your scene? This class will explore different aspects of pain in rope and the ways in which we can impose pain on our partners or invite them to choose pain for themselves. The class will include demos and hands-on practice to allow participants to explore these various approaches and techniques. The class will also discuss the importance of pacing, pain processing, and safety considerations in this style of tying.

*The techniques in this class are designed for natural fibre ropes

Recommend bringing: 5+ lengths of rope

Shame and Sexuality

Presenter: Ms Blaze

Unlearning shame and learning to own and celebrate your sexuality can be challenging, particularly if raised in a religious environment. Further, shame is a tool used by society to effect control through social pressure. In this class, we will discuss the power that shame can have over us and learn how to step outside that shame and step into sex positivity.

The Structured Relationship: Contract Creation for Power Exchange Dynamics

Presenters: Master David and slave brynn

One of the biggest challenges couples entering into a power exchange relationship experience is creating their contract. Often there are more questions that answers: Do I need a contract? Where do I start? What should I include? How long should it be? How often should it be reviewed?

Join Master David and slave brynn, as we answer these questions, and many more. We will go through a sample contract, talk about how we created ours, and give you tips and tricks that have worked for us. When we are done, you should have the tools to create a functional contract that covers everything from limits to protocols, and much more!

Tuning In: Building Scenes Together

Presenters: Kasia and Sloane

How do we build unique scenes? How can we make the 1000th TK we tie feel new? This class will move from tying patterns on people to tying *with* people, inviting your partner to inform your approach and incorporating who they are into your scene. This class will explore different ways of engaging and reading your partner while tying and will include demos as well as hands-on practice time. We will also discuss physical approaches, emotional safety, and how these techniques can be applied across styles of rope bondage.

Recommend bringing: 4+ lengths of rope

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