Speakers 2022


kitten or Max (they/ them) is a trans non binary, mixed Indigenous, polyamourous, queer, leather little and educator from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Self described as having a cute face, a big heart, an anxious mind and a spoonie body, they are proudly owned and collared by their Keeper. Together they engage in a 24/7 long distance, consensually non monogamous power exchange which includes joy and support for the other relationships in their lives. 

kitten found their passion for organizing and activism in 2011 when they were involved in the organizing committee for ConsentFest and SlutWalk Saskatoon for two years, and have been passionate about visibility, education and community accountability ever since. They admin a province wide Polyam group, started a Discord for kinky non-binary and gender fluid folks during the Pandemic and are actively working for LGBTQ2S+ and Indigenous inclusion and representation within the corporate landscape. They’ve been teaching within the kink and queer communities both in person and online for many years on everything from mental health and power exchange to introductions about identity and journaling. Together with their Keeper they represent the Western Canada Power Exchange 2020 Title that due to Covid cancellations they’ve been actively holding since fall 2019. When not facilitating or rabble rousing, kitten loves spending time with their 6+ partners, watching cartoons, writing mostly non-fiction, petting their dog and perfecting their selfie game.


Jess identifies as a sassy femme bootblack. She’s been actively sharing her passion and knowledge for bootblacking and Leather care for a handful of years, and her enjoyment of doing so has not waned, but continues to grow. Any day she is able to spend caring, wearing or worshipping Leather is a good day, and she values the trust placed in her by the owners of each piece she gets to tend to. She is proud to hold the Western Canada Bootblack title for 2020. When not caring for Leather, Jess gets up to a variety of shenanigans; from helping run a local dungeon, teaching workshops, to playing with sharp, pointy things and blood. Jess has been called the weirdest in the dungeon, and to her it is just another compliment. Some days she looks backs and thinks “how the fuck did I get here” and wouldn’t have it any other way.


Lidaria is a queer, glittersexual, polyamorous bottom-leaning switch with a penchant for unicorns and skulls.  They have been involved in the Saskatoon kink scene for around a decade and have helped organize munches, play parties, workshops, and taste tests locally over the years with the help of others in the community.  They helped organize AWAKENS (A Women’s Association for Kinky Education & Networking Saskatoon) when they were a woman and help organize Pandemonium in the Prairies (PiP). They love helping out, doing weird & ridiculous scenes, and started exploring self suspensions during the C19 pandemic.


Maygen identifies as a queer, polyamorous, ace woman. A university graduate; she enjoys working in her chosen profession within the health care field. Maygen has been involved with her local BDSM community in various capacities for nearly a decade. In that time, she helped found the current local dungeon, organized various social, educational and dungeon events and taught workshops. She has a strong desire to help folks learn to do what it is that we do in a safer and healthier manner. Maygen classifies a majority of her play as ‘risk aware’, with her focuses on needles, sharps and blood, with some rough body play and wrestling thrown in here and there. Not sure what ‘risk aware’ means? Feel free to approach Maygen and have a conversation; she won’t bite (unless negotiated).


Lady Umbra’s slave, prairie_locked, is a heteroflexible masochist who has been publicly active in the BDSM lifestyle for several years. Lady Umbra and her slave are privileged to be the 2018 International Power Exchange (IPE) and the 2017 Western Canada Power Exchange (WCPE) titleholders. prairie_locked served on the board of directors of Kink Regina from mid-2016 to mid-2019, previously serving as house slave, and is a group leader of Saskatchewan Power Exchange. He was honoured to judge the 2019 IPE and 2019 WCPE contests. Together Lady Umbra and her slave have travelled Canada and the US connecting communities, inspired people to explore their own power exchange relationships, and presented workshops on bootblacking, humiliation play, needles, mindfulness, and more.


Based in Edmonton, AB, ropegasm is a group of femme folk who teach rope bondage; we design our classes around modifications necessary so that all bodies can be in rope; regardless of shape, size, flexibility, experience, and background – we believe that rope should be accessible to everyone. Bringing our take on sassy and safe-ish mayhem to Pandemonium in the Prairies, will be NaughtySocks and Rory

NaughtySocks is a critical thinking feminist who likes to ask ‘why’ more than is probably necessary. She’s generally quiet unless she’s laughing or screaming due to painful delights. Socks is passionate about education, adventures, and the importance of curling up with a book, a cat, and a mug of tea. Bottom self-advocacy and safety are essential, as her sense of self-preservation is *occasionally* lacking. She is coming around to this switching thing, and deeply enjoys self-suspensions when there isn’t anyone around who wants to share in some violence.

Currently, NaughtySocks keeps herself busy with ropegasm, a monthly bondage class that also holds sushi nights and an annual evening of performance. Having presented in a number of cities, at cons such as Northern Exposure, NARIX, and BeachBind, as well as locally, she is happy to nerd out at PIP! Socks is dedicated to becoming an instigator of joy, in whatever form that takes. 

Rory’s first rope experience was in a workshop in 2016. While new-ish to the world of kink, she is enjoying exploring and learning new things. Most recently, she’s learned how creative, fun, and beautiful rope can be. When she’s not tying women for her own sadistic pleasure, she can be found gaming, painting, or reading.


smg (short for single malt girl) has always opted for d/s based relationships where she retains the authority and decision making power for just about everything. while she dabbled in the Vancouver kink scene in her early 20’s, she’s only fully embraced kinky play in the past 5 years as a result of connecting with her local scene in Edmonton. In that time, she’s been honing her inventive and creatively sadistic side. She plays non sexually with a few sub play partners who give her the chance to flex her kinky/toppy muscles. Always incorporating dominance into her scenes, she finds bruises beautiful and screaming fun. Because of the weird and wonderful ways she enjoys playing, she spends time researching safety and human anatomy to actively prepare for scenes she plans and executes. 

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