Speakers 2020

Keynote: DawnMegaTron

DawnMegaTron (pronouns she/her) is a Leather Woman based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 

Dawn loves teaching both in and out of the kink community, and has taught at conferences and intensives with her partners at many places over the years. Her formal education is focused on Crisis Intervention and mental health, and her life education has taught her more about poverty, special needs parenting, human rights, and what it means to be polyam/pan/edgy as heck than any university ever could. To live fully is to evolve, and none know this better than Dawn, who has received 3 life altering and debilitating diagnoses in the past year. 

A self-proclaimed “Too Much Woman” she finds joy in helping others embrace their Too Muchness and truly experience their lives with courage, strength, and glorious vulnerability. No matter your situation, you are worthy of taking up space and she will show you how through laughter, love, and a whole lot of storytelling


Jess identifies as a sassy femme bootblack. She’s been actively sharing her passion and knowledge for bootblacking and Leather care for a handful of years, and her enjoyment of doing so has not waned, but continues to grow. Any day she is able to spend caring, wearing or worshipping Leather is a good day, and she values the trust placed in her by the owners of each piece she gets to tend to. She is proud to hold the Western Canada Bootblack title for 2020. When not caring for Leather, Jess gets up to a variety of shenanigans; from helping run a local dungeon, teaching workshops, to playing with sharp, pointy things and blood. Jess has been called the weirdest in the dungeon, and to her it is just another compliment. Some days she looks backs and thinks “how the fuck did I get here” and wouldn’t have it any other way.


Leah identifies as a leather female bisexual switch. She has been an active member of the local kink community since 2009. Leah strongly believes in community, and providing for her community. Over the years, she has helped with a number of groups and events. Currently, her plate is filled by:

  • YEGas – hosts a monthly dungeon and workshop as well as an annual market
  • ropegasm – monthly bondage classes; regular sushi nights, and an annual performance night
  • EDMT – Edmonton DM Team which trains Dungeon Monitors.
  • Ritual Revolution – a female led group focusing on body based rituals

As both a top and a bottom, Leah feels that quality education is very important, and has taught workshops for a variety of local groups and more recently at NARIX KC. She has helped facilitate classes in Alaska and Victoria. Leah feels everyone should have opportunity and access to good practices and safer techniques. She is always open to answering questions and offering advice.


Maygen identifies as a queer, polyamorous, ace woman. A university graduate; she enjoys working in her chosen profession within the health care field. Maygen has been involved with her local BDSM community in various capacities for nearly a decade. In that time, she helped found the current local dungeon, organized various social, educational and dungeon events and taught workshops. She has a strong desire to help folks learn to do what it is that we do in a safer and healthier manner. Maygen classifies a majority of her play as ‘risk aware’, with her focuses on needles, sharps and blood, with some rough body play and wrestling thrown in here and there. Not sure what ‘risk aware’ means? Feel free to approach Maygen and have a conversation; she won’t bite (unless negotiated).


NaughtySocks is a critical thinking feminist who likes to ask ‘why’ more than is probably necessary. She’s generally quiet unless she’s laughing or screaming due to painful delights. Socks is passionate about education, adventures, and the importance of curling up with a book, a cat, and a mug of tea. Bottom self-advocacy and safety are essential, as her sense of self-preservation is occasionally lacking. She is coming around to this switching thing, and deeply enjoys self-suspensions when there isn’t anyone around who wants to share in some violence.

Currently, NaughtySocks keeps herself busy with ropegasm, a monthly bondage class that also holds sushi nights and an annual evening of performance. She is also on the steering committee for NARIX, the North American Rope Innovation eXchange. Socks is dedicated to becoming an instigator of joy, in whatever form that takes.


SeldomSeenWay who is best known as diana. is a queer leather femme who enjoys pondering Life amidst her many shenanigans. She is a gamer who is fascinated by numbers and enjoys Learning with Teaching. She is a Leathergirl who lives as M/s all the while reflecting on relationship dynamics and development. Throw some self-growth, awareness, and actualization and you have a cocktail that gets all her bits excited. diana. has over the years facilitated Winnipeg MAsT , presented workshops in Manitoba and Alberta, is very active in Western Canada attending conferences, workshops and fundraising events. She is also a proud member of HardPink Sisterhood. She is part of House Symmetry, a Leather House focused on education, support and service to the kink community on a whole. diana. along with her Sir @_Syn (Jason) currently are organizing a Discussion/Play Group for the Westman area – something that has been lacking for a few years. This will give them more opportunities to explore power dynamics, S/m in addition to more sensitive things like self-awareness and personal growth.

Sir Tee and little kitsune

Sir Tee lives in a long term 24/7 Master/slave, Consensual Non-Consent dynamic with His/Her slave little-kitsune. T/they began their journey with D/s, during a time when there was little or no Power Exchange support available, locally or on-line. Consequently, T/they developed and practiced their dynamic independently and privately for many years before joining the local BDSM and Power Exchange communities. This experience has given Sir Tee an appreciation for the support and education a healthy, and ethical Power Exchange community can provide. Sir Tee is the director of MAsT: Greater Vancouver, and with the help of little-kitsune, T/they facilitate regular monthly MAsT discussion nights, (for both sides of the slash) and host and participate in munches/socials, and educational workshops for the Power Exchange communities. Sir Tee was honoured to be the (2019) Head Judge for the Western Canada Power Exchange Competition in Edmonton, Alberta. Impact scenes are at the top of Sir Tee’s list – including whips, floggers, bastinado and canning, along with mind-fuckery, rough body play, pressure points, needles, with a side of bondage!

little-kitsune lives in a (24/7) Master/slave relationship with her Master, Sir Tee. Power exchange (PE) dynamics has been the foundation of T/their relationship for over 24 years. she is active in the community and co-directs the MAsT: Greater Vancouver Chapter with her Master, lending her slave voice and perspective to the regular monthly MAsT discussion nights; she also leads ‘aspire’, a discussion group for those on the ‘s’ side of the slash. her work with MAsT enables her to fulfill her goal of supporting the growth of a healthy and ethical Power Exchange community. In addition to her work with MAsT, little-kitsune was a judge at the 2018 Western Canada Power Exchange (WCPE) Competition in Edmonton. She is also a member of the Hard Pink Sisterhood, a North American organization that works actively to support women in the BDSM, Kink and Leather community.


smg (short for single malt girl) has always opted for D/s based relationships where she retains the authority and decision making power for just about everything. However, it’s only been in the last 3 or 4 years that she’s gone full on bdsm. Currently living in Edmonton, she has been part of her local scene for the past 3 years, honing her inventive and creative sadistic side. Sexually monogamous, she plays non sexually with a few play partners who give her the chance to flex her kinky/toppy muscles. Largely preferring to incorporate dominance into her play, she is commanding without needing to yell, spit or degrade. She often refers to herself as a ‘Lady with a wee bit of a potty mouth’.

More speakers coming soon!

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