Presenters 2023

Keynote: DawnMegaTron

DawnMegaTron (pronouns she/her) is a Leather Woman based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Dawn loves teaching both in and out of the kink community, and has taught at conferences and intensives with her partners at many places over the years. Her formal education is focused on crisis intervention and mental health, and her life education has taught her more about poverty, special needs parenting, human rights, and what it means to be polyam/pan/edgy as heck than any university ever could. To live fully is to evolve, and none know this better than Dawn, who has received 3 life altering and debilitating diagnoses in the past year. A self-proclaimed “Too Much Woman” she finds joy in helping others embrace their Too Muchness and truly experience their lives with courage, strength, and glorious vulnerability. No matter your situation, you are worthy of taking up space and she will show you how through laughter, love, and a whole lot of storytelling!


Alice is a 42-year-old queer, fat, disabled, neurodivergent human who has been active in their local scene for 5 years and practicing kink for longer. Her main interests in the kink scene are developing accessible spaces, promoting diversity, and building connection. They have been a panelist for YYC BDSM 101 workshops, co presented classes on accessible rope, and demo bottomed for various presenters at Pandemonium, The Vault and The Centre. Outside of kink, Alice reads a lot, watches old TV shows, and tries not to adopt anymore cats. Alice is excited to exchange knowledge with the attendees of Pandemonium!


Axis Experience is a soft spoken, respectful and respected kinkster from Calgary Alberta. He is also an internationally acclaimed self defence specialist. Axis is a 4th Dan Certified Master Instructor in the Korean art of Tang Soo Do with a proficiency in several weapon based martial arts.

The study and application of Combative Arts has been an integral part of his life for over 30 years with a focus on situational survival skills and military close quarters combat.

Axis provides specialized workshops for some of the highest ranking martial artists and personal safety instructors around the world, as well as military personnel and peace officers. His passion for teaching is immediately apparent and his international workshops have been enjoyed by people from all walks of life and age ranges. Every concept or tactic explored in his classes is something he has actually used to survive real situations and confrontations.

“I enjoy providing effective and practical training to at-risk communities and fellow kinky folks. I am honoured to bring this passion to PiP!”


I’m Cat Maverick and I’m a sadist. That always sounds like I’m at an AA meeting, say “hi Cat”. I’m from Calgary Alberta Canada …. and I’ve been involved in kink over 20 years now. I love the opportunity to travel and talk about the crazy fucked up stuff we all like to do. I identify as Leather. My pronouns are She/her, but in the dungeon or scene I am happy to be called Sir. Before I even get started lets be clear: I’m not an expert. I’m a pervert. And a bit of a jackass. I’m willing to share what I’ve learned and been taught – its why I’m here, obviously – but please keep learning and questioning and challenging. Never stop.

I’m going to present things with inherent risks. Frankly nothing we do in kink (or otherwise) is safe. I address risk and talk about risk mitigation. REMEMBER: Bad things can happen even when you do everything right.

I try very hard to keep my presentations gender neutral or gender sensitive. I’m a CIS, white, hetero-flexible, dominant, feminist, woman and I try to be aware of my biases and privilege. When I talk about anatomy, I try not to give it gender. I’m not perfect, I make mistakes, but my intention is never to marginalize anyone.

Consent is vital. You will see me ask for it again and again up here, because its 100% not OK to do anything we so without it. These lovely volunteers are here of their own free will, making their own bad life choices, and they can stop participating at any time. There is no demo that is more important than consent. Period.

My classes are fluid and tend to be noisy and fun. I enjoy reactions, I enjoy audience interactions, and I enjoy questions. Feel free to contribute bad ideas, but please be respectful of the people up here. Their safety and consent and comfort come first. (Ok not comfort). Also, my classes have trigger warnings. I use the law of 2 feet. If you’re seeing something you don’t personally like or want to see, you can vote with your feet. If you want to chat later, I’m happy to do that, but If you need t leave at any point, please do so.

Creature – Western Canada Bootblack 2023 Titleholder

Creature is a neurodivergent, chronically ill, genderqueer Leather Goblin whose main love in the kink world is everything to do with boots! Creature uses they/them pronouns. They are the current Western Canadian Bootblack 2023 title holder and have been bootblacking for 7 years. Creature has been in the kink community for 8 years, where they started their journey as a bottom and a masochist. Throughout the years they have become more of a top, but their heart still thrives when they are able to provide service to those that they care about and especially to the greater kink community.


Derek is a Leatherman from Salt Lake City. He has been a devoted member of the community since 2007 when he first joined in Denver. Derek is a Queer switch who has a love for many types of play and is always looking for new ways to make people squirm.


Dixie has been part of the Calgary kink community for nearly a decade. She is a queer, fat, feminist liberal “snowflake” with a gleeful love of sharp pointy things and the smell of diesel from a well driven bus. In her time in Calgary, Dixie has been involved in running munches, was a board member of the CCSPC, and more recently a producer for RAK. When not revving up the bus for a run, Dixie enjoys cross stitching, reading and keeping CatMaverick going to the right gate/room at various airports and conferences. This is her first time presenting and she is thrilled to be invited to PiP!


Fox is a Nonbinary, queer chaos goblin who has been in the Edmonton scene since early 2018, quickly developing a deep-seated love for all things rope and self tie. Starting as a rope bottom and quickly finding an affinity for rigging and suspension, they love encouraging learning of all sorts in the rope community! In 2022 Fox has started doing performances for various local events including NextFest and Subspace. They now are one of the organizers for EdmontonRopeDojo, which focuses on Self Tie, and Suspension skills.


MokADragon (he/him), a bi switch kinkster of Chinese descent, first entered the world of kink in Manitoba in 2013. Though his initial interest when entering the scene was in spandex, he has since expanded his interests into other realms like impact play, especially musical impact play. In the vanilla world, he is active in community theatre, plays Ultimate, loves to travel, and is a foodie. He may look innocent, but he never claimed to be. 😉

Peter Heid and SallySwitch

Peter Heid (he/him) (PeterHeid on FetLife) resides in Golden, CO with his partner Sally Switch. He identifies himself as a lifestyle Dominant and a Sadist. Peter has been a BDSM practitioner for most of his life. He loves laughter and humor, so he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He is a Latex/Bondage Fetishist who covers a wide range in his play.

Sally Switch (she/her) (thesallyswitch on Fetlife) is a latex enthusiast living in Golden, Colorado. She has multiple years of experience in several kink communities west of the Mississippi. She enjoys DMing and has done so for large and small-scale events across the country.

Quinn Lennox

This vibrant, whimsical, queer, polyamorous, kinkster hails from Denver, CO. While engaging in bedroom kink since before 2010, Quinn Lennox (they/them) dove into the Denver kink scene in 2013. They immediately discovered their passion for rope and became actively involved in the local rope scene both as a volunteer and a bottom. Quinn also has a penchant for age play, imbalanced power play, and edge play. In addition to volunteering in various capacities in the local rope and kink scene, Quinn began teaching rope locally in 2015, self tying in 2017, topping rope in 2018, and performing in rope in 2022. They help produce events locally in Denver and helped produce Unabashed Queer Kink Con 2021 and 2022. They are frequently found participating in ropey, switchy, or witchy (or some combination thereof) chaos and shenanigans. They are passionate about bottom education and empowerment, rope bondage, ethical imbalanced power relationships, and co-creation of community.

Sir Tee and little kitsune

Sir Tee and little kitsune live in a 24/7 CNC, Master/slave dynamic. Sir Tee is a Black Leather person and little kitsune is Japanese Canadian Leather girl. They began their journey in Power Exchange over 27 years ago, developing their dynamic privately for many years before joining the local communities.

They are the founders and directors of MAsT: Greater Vancouver in B.C., and facilitate regular monthly MAsT discussions and munches/socials for the Power Exchange community. They are also the producers of the 2020 and 2021 Pacific Rim Power Exchange (virtual) Conference, and have hosted a number of weekend intensives, and community fundraising events.

They have presented at various events and conferences across Western Canada and the US, both virtually and in person. In 2019 Sir Tee was honoured to serve as Head Judge of the Western Canada Power Exchange (WCPE) title competition while in 2018 little kitsune served as judge.

_Syn and SeldomSeenWay – House of Symmetry

Jason and diana. have been in a functioning Authority transfer together and active in the Manitoba and Western Canada Kink community for over 14 years.

Together they co-facilitated MAsT for three and a bit years and have attended much longer. They have also had the pleasure of presenting at and attending many conferences over the years. They currently divide their time between starting to grow their local community, seeking out presentation opportunities, attending in-person and virtual meetings and Organizing/Overseeing the WSPC Dungeon Monitor team as team leads. They also have the privilege of being part of a Leather Family affectionately named “The Herd” and attend just as many conferences and engage in shenanigans with their siblings where and whenever possible, they are easily identifiable by the Bison patch with Leather Pride Colours.

Jason or Syn (he/him) is a queer, poly Leather Daddy who’s sadomasochistic, middle/brat interests include rough body play, canes, impact play of all sorts and manhandling. You will find him prominently writing about men’s mental health and healthy vulnerability on the side. He is also passionate about men’s issues and how they intersect with feminism. In vanilla life, you can find him gaming, at the gym, or being a cat dad to three ginger assholes and a spicy leather girl.

SeldomSeenWay (She/Her), who is best known as diana, is a queer, pagan, polyamorous leather coffee-drinking femme who enjoys pondering Life amidst her many shenanigans. She is a Leathergirl who lives as an owned slave/property, with a focus on relationship dynamics and development. Her Interests include all forms of service, masochism, mental sadism, impact play, rough body play, boot worship and bootblacking. A passionate believer in feminism and empowering women and future generations, she can be found asking deep questions and discussing how and why we do what we do.

Together they are House Symmetry, a Leather House based in Western Manitoba focused on education, support, and service to the kink community. Growth for house members, self-improvement, fun and togetherness are just a few of the ideals they hold dear.


Since 2005, Sadomasochist Viking has endeavored to learn, teach, and inspire others to play with love and laughter, while keeping it weird and intense. They have experienced and enjoyed a wide variety of play with many integral members of the BDSM scene as both a Top and bottom giving Them a deep understanding of both perspectives. With a background as a first responder, theatre and improv, They are well known for high energy scenes full of heart, giggles, anguish and unconventional methods.

Over the past decade, They have taught, performed at, and provided hundreds of bondage rides at events on the west Coast at Metro Vancouver Kink (MVK), the Taboo Sex Show, Hitchin’ Bitches, Sin City, Vancouver Fetish Weekend, and other events and lifestyle clubs in Vancouver, California and Hawaii. Viking has been a Dungeon Monitor since 2007 and They created and ran MVK and West Coast Bound’s in-house Dungeon Facilitator Team – a group that facilitates a good time for event attendees rather than policing them.

Viking relishes in edge play, bondage, ordeals and power struggle – even if it means They may lose. They think it’s amazing how far you can take a scene with someone you really respect, trust and are a little afraid of.