PiP History


Pandemonium in the Prairies was launched by AWAKENS – A Women’s Association for Kinky Education & Networking Saskatoon. AWAKENS purpose was to provide a platform for learning, discussion and support for kinky women who have a positive personal interest in BDSM/Kink/Leather. AWAKENS discussion group met every other week to share ideas, discuss specific topics, be creative, get support and have fellowship among kinky women.

Pandemonium in the Prairies ran as a single day kink event in 2018 and was open to all genders. In 2019, PiP ran as a full weekend event designed to highlight women and trans speakers, with registration available to all genders. Unfortunately, 2020 and 2021 conference offerings were put on hold due to Covid-19. During this time, the organizing group for PiP decided to refocus solely on running Pandemonium in the Prairies and AWAKENS officially closed in late 2021. In 2022, organizers were able to run a ‘mini-con’, a slightly scaled back version of Pandemonium in the Prairies with a focus on prairie speakers and reconnecting with one anothers.


We featured 11 presenters for a total of 13 workshops plus two less structured skill-shares.  We featured slave brynn as our keynote speaker.

  • Ms Blaze: Cock and Ball Torture; Shame and Sexuality
  • Snook: The Mad Doctor Is In! Medical Play with Snook; Bottom’s Bill of Rights aka How to Lose Control Without Losing Yourself
  • fiktion: Jealousy? Jealous-me?
  • Story_Keeper & alfresco_kitten: Mental Illness on both sides of the slash
  • Kasia & Sloane: Tunin gIn: Building Scenes Together; Rope Bondage for Pain and Predicament; Flying Low: Suspending Close to the Ground
  • Lady Umbra & prairie_locked: Divine Humiliation: Blessed Be Thy Sins; Reverse Bootblacking: Just Try to Get Out of MY Chair!
  • Master David and slave brynn: The Structured Relatoinship: Contract Craetion for Power Exchange Dynamics; I Want It That Way: Building Protocols to Enhance Your Dynamic; Keynote


  • Play time with Miss and little
  • Whips with Dragon_breath


We featured 9 presenters for a total of 12 workshops plus a Taste of Kink event. 

  • prairie_locked & Lidaria: A Brief Introduction to Public BDSM and Dungeon Parties.
  • Maygen: Intro to Needle Play.
  • Jess: Making the Chair Sexy.
  • smg: Foot Play, Foot Worship & Trampling. Breaking Down Interrogation Scenes. 
  • Maygen & Jess: Risky Business.
  • Ropegasm (with NaughtySocks & Rory): Rope 101. From Practice to Play. Torture Ties.
  • GentlemanDomAB: Less is More – Impact and Sensory Play for Those Who Aren’t Masochists.
  • alfresco_kitten: Journaling for Power Exchange. You’re owned but still date? Power Exchange and Polyamory without Contradiction.