Pandemonium in the Prairies (PiP) is a multi day kink and BDSM conference taking place near Saskatoon SK. Our purpose is to provide a platform for learning, discussion, and support for those who have a personal interest in BDSM/Kink/Leather. We seek to provide presenter opportunities to female and trans presenters, and welcome people of all genders, orientations and kink-interest levels to our event(s).

2023 theme

Ever since the first big year, the people behind Pandemonium in the Prairies have picked a theme that helps focus efforts on keynotes, on who to highlight, and also what colours to use with our logo and materials.  In 2022 we focused on local, and picked purple and green tones from the saskatoon berry plant (Cree: misâskwatômina) and had people primarily from Saskatchewan and Alberta as our presenters.

For 2023, we selected fireweed as our concept theme.  Fireweed, or athkapask in Cree / nêhiyawêwin, is a native plant that grows in the boreal forest.  Named for its early growth into burned areas, it’s a bit of a phoenix plant – it’s one of the first plants you’ll see after forest fires and will continue to flourish unless out-competed by other plants.  The summer of 2022 had swaths of fireweed in the ditches of roads located in Saskatchewan’s boreal forest. Used by Indigenous people, all of the plant can be used as food (often as tea) or as medicine.

athkapask, aka fireweed, aka willowherb, aka Chamaenerion angustifolum